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Mobile apps are the perfect combination of art and science. If you’re looking to build an amazing new mobile application for your business or if you have an awesome new idea for a product, the team of experienced developers and designers at Best Devs can build your vision.



ProofPad is the most effective way of recording and jotting down your favorite (or not so favorite) drinks. It gives you a slick and intuitive interface and the ability to quickly add what you're currently enjoying or quick access to find what you've tried already for reference. If you love beer, wine, liquor or just any type of drink (preferable with alcohol) this app is for you. Its the quickest way to quickly record what your drinking by organizing it neatly with Name, Type, ABV, Notes and Rating.

Swift Shopper

With Swift Shopper scan all your items into your phone as you put them into your cart. Checkout with your smartphone and scan the barcodes right off the screen! No need to take any items out of your cart, just hand the cashier your cell phone and a few swipes of the screen later you're checked out!

Swift Server

Swift Server puts the power of accurate ordering into your hands. In a hurry for lunch? Always ordering for the whole family? Trying to have a meeting? Input each member's order into Swift Server. Swift Server presents a special, accurate QR of your order for your server to scan. Enjoy a perfect order, with no hassle, every time.

Talent Xray

Talent Xray is the first ever sourcing app built for recruiters and talent sourcers to help identify candidates on the go from social networking sources. It uses search engines like Bing to allow you to site search Linkedin, Twitter and G+. Just enter a few keywords such as job title and location to see search results from any of the sites mentioned above. Easily save all searches for future use and share those results to colleagues via email. Search and identify prospective candidates faster from your mobile device with our useful mobile recruiting app.


You deserve the best, so we develop all our apps in native code. None of that slow, cross-platform stuff for us.


Each one of our apps are designed to be beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.


Start connecting with your customers in a new way. With the cloud, we can bring your business into the connected world.

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